Swap Free Accounts

Swap Free Islamic Forex Account

Artsmrkts offers swap-free accounts (also known as Islamic Forex accounts or Shariah Forex accounts). These accounts comply with Islamic religious beliefs. According to the Islamic religion, any business transaction in which one of the parties has to pay or receive some interest from another party is forbidden.

Islamic Forex accounts are also known as swap-free Forex accounts, because, within this kind of account, no swap or roll-over interest will be charged to or incurred on positions that are held overnight.

Islamic Forex accounts are designed specifically for Muslims as swaps contravene their religious beliefs and to clients who don’t wish to be charged swap fees. Islamic accounts give their owners an opportunity to hold their positions for an unlimited amount of time (Trading Conditions Apply).

To open a swap-free account please go the Artsmrkts account opening form, open your account and then email us at customersevices@artsmrkts.com to convert your account to swap free account. Please mention your account number, and that you want to change to swap free account.

Moreover, certain instruments will be only be available swap free on daily basis as explained below:


All other pairs swap would be charged on a regular basis