ECN Accounts

The Concept

ECN which stands for Electronic Communication Network, is a network of Tier-1 Banks, Prime Brokers, and FCMs, connected together to form a deep pool of liquidity available for trading.

Until recently, ECN forex trading was exclusively available for large financial institutions, with huge trade volume and deposit requirements, and leverage up to 1:50. However, Artsmrkts has proudly created its own ECN Forex platform, which gives access to aggregated liquidity from 16 Tier-1 Banks AND TOP LPs connected directly to our trading platform via FIX Bridge, granting its retail and institutional clients direct access to the inter-bank market right from your MetaTrader4 client terminal, with the lowest deposit and trade size requirements, and the highest available leverage.

Below is a list of benefits for you and your referred clients:


As the diagram above illustrates, our MetaTrader4 Server sits behind a price aggregator, which is responsible for receiving market prices from our connected banks, selecting only the best Bid and the best Ask individually, and posting them to our MetaTrader4 Market Watch.

This mechanism ensures that you are receiving lowest forex spread available amongst our major providers at all times.

With Artsmrkts, the spread could be as low as 0.8Pips!


On the other hand, our MetaTrader4 Server is connected via FIX Protocol Bridge to an ECN platform, which is responsible for matching your trade orders with the best available liquidity-price combination at the moment of receiving your order, and then sending it to the counterparty bank for execution. Keeping in mind that we only disclose the Price, Direction (Buy or Sell), and Instrument, your orders will be always treated anonymously and fairly.

This process is usually done in microseconds, due to the high-speed messaging of FIX Protocol (Financial Information Exchange), which was designed mainly for this purpose.


With our ECN Forex Accounts, as well as with all of our accounts, attention to you and your needs is our priority. We provide you with a comprehensive system of resources and the professional team to guide you through all of your trades. We have the best tools and insights to help you be successful. You deserve and expect exceptional customer service and Artsmrkts, unlike other brokers, makes that our priority for every trader, every day.

a) No conflict of interest

Since all ECN trades are executed at the counterparty bank directly, we do not interfere in the execution process and we only benefit from a fixed fee per lot.

b) Trading Freedom

We believe that it is our duty to accommodate and support your needs, and that it is a nonnegotiable right for you to implement your desired trading technique. Having ECN Accounts in place, you will be able to implement:

  • Scalping( ethical trading)
  • Hedging
  • Automated Trading (EAs)(ethical EAs)
  • Gridding (As long as it does not overload our trade servers).

c) Tighter Spreads

In ECN trading, you can get spreads as low as 0.8 pip on all majors, and since these spreads are raw spreads directly from the interbank network they often float much lower than any other traditional broker with fixed or variable spreads.

d) Accurate Execution:

ECN forex trading guarantees that all market participants are equal with respect to: instant access to prices provided by leading FX banks on a strict price/time model without intervention from any dealing desk and without requotes due to very high liquidity.